My name is Eduardo Roxius. I’m an Interaction Designer with background in graphic design and web development.
Design for me is about creating solutions for WOW!, sparking excitement and surprise.

Right now I’m looking for development opportunities in the field of interaction and service design.
If you think we can work together, let’s talk!

This is me

I am driven by a great curiosity in knowing how the world works and how to connect people through technology. As a designer, I develop projects in different fields, gathering knowledge to innovate faster and better.

My interests go from coding to ethnographic research. I love travelling to new places, eating different food and getting to know new people.


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Data mining and machine learning to suggest networks, leads, partners or investors for the success of your business.

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Communication plays a critical role for health workers. Quintal is a platform for sustainable and engaging reporting where patients are shown as plants that need to be taken care of.

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Volkswagen Sense

VW Sense is a proposal for future mobility, where autonomous vehicles will be part of our day-to-day lives and thus playing an important role on our physical and mental health.

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Texts and small projects

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